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Health and Hygiene in the workplace

By Adam Sher, Oct 6 2015 02:58PM

Health and Safety along with Hygiene in the workplace are paramount in this day and age, especially when working in an office environment. There's always constantly things around us day to day that can cause hazard that we do not think about, the most common being equipment and colleagues...

Equipment, especially computers have fans that spin causing dust particles to gets into the air. These floating around can cause people to sneeze whilst sat at their desk causing unseen germs spreading to each other and other equipment around. As well as this, with people working longer hours and having shorter breaks it is becoming more common for workers to eat at their desks, producing crumbs, food particles, spillages of drinks etc. Some drop onto your desk which you can clear away, others into crevices in keyboards and mice where you can not see them. This is where they stay and rot away causing stickiness, producing mould and bacteria. Not only this, things like staples and paperclips get lodged in keyboards causing keys not to work or be temperamental and people think their keyboard is broken.

Taking care of your belongings makes them last longer especially if they are kept clean! This is where I come in...

Cetec I.T Cleaning and Hygiene ensure your computers, keyboards, mice, phones, printers, scanners and photocopiers are kept clean, sanitized, dust and germ free which extends their life span. This not only ensures you comply with Health & Safety at Work but also keeps your workforce happy. And we all know.. A productive work force is a happy work force!!

You'll be surprised at the difference it makes. Call me on 07811 88 00 36 or email [email protected] You can also see my website at www.cetec-cleaning.co.uk.

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