A value for money service that keeps all your

I.T equipment clean, sanitised and hygienic.

Free from dirt, germs and bacteria.

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A value for money service that keeps all your

I.T equipment clean, sanitised and hygienic.

Free from dirt, germs and bacteria.




Located in North West Manchester, we provide

specialist computer and I.T equipment cleaning and hygiene services throughout the UK.


We provide a simple yet cost effective solution to our clients, enabling them to have a clean, healthy and hygienic working environment whilst complying with Health and Safety workplace regulations.


We have experience in working with clients ranging from SME's to large Multi-national corporations, spanning a multiple of industries from healthcare, education, financial services, insurance, recruitment, freight forwarding and airlines.


We are very flexible in our approach and realise that not everyone can have us working on site during business hours, so taking this into account we operate an out of hours service which includes early mornings, evenings and weekends.


Our objective is to provide a high quality service that caters for your individual business needs at an affordable cost, giving you a clean and healthy working environment.


Our goal, to exceed your expectations!


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Celebrating 25 years providing specialist I.T cleaning and hygiene services across the UK.


A quality, efficient and affordable service, suitable to all businesses sectors


We are fully Insured and staff are DBS checked


Out of hours service available including early mornings, evenings and weekends.


Deep dirt build up affects the functionality, performance and life span of all office equipment, especially constantly used desktop computer systems. This is very frustrating, affects productivity, creates costly downtime and is one of the main stress factors for members of staff when they are not working properly.


Dust particles blown around by ventilation systems, body oils from touching items, saliva from talking and naturally shredding dead skin all happen microscopically without us knowing or even thinking about it and all put together contribure to dirt build up, dust and contamination of our office equipment. This happens in any working environment but more so in offices that have call centres where people hot desk.


Having your computer, I.T and phone systems professionally and hygienically cleaned and sanitised removes all the dirt and dust build up enabling you to work in a safe, healthy and clean environment.

Schedule regular computer and I.T cleans

as part of your maintenance plan

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