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Benefits of Our Service

It is a known fact that by having your I.T and office equipment regularly cleaned and maintained brings many advantages and benefits to your business. Some are tangible, some are not. However, they all work towards improving overall performance.


Having your IT and telephone systems cleaned by us will help keep your investment in technology in the best possible condition. We can save your business money and inconvenience and our regular service helps to minimise and prevent equipment breakdown and improve hygiene. The image of your company and a reduction of absenteeism in the workplace also improves.


We provide an initial free of charge appraisal, then depending on our clients requirements, we arrange to visit on a 4 weekly / monthly, 3 monthly,

4 monthly, 6 monthly or annual basis.

Having clean equipment in good working order can assist in increasing the productivity of your workforce. For example, a sticky keyboard or mouse can cost someone 5 minutes a day in corrections, time they dont have. Over the course of a working year this equates to 20 hours lost! This is a considerable amount more than the cost of having the equipment cleaned regularly and kept in working order.

Increased Reliability & Productivity

Health & Safety Compliance

Reduces Sickness

With the health and safety risks that have been associated with dirty I.T and office equipment, one of the benefits of using our services is that we enable our clients to meet their health and safety obligations. We offer an unrivalled service that is unique to the needs and requirements of each individual client and as the Health & Safety Executive states, all businesses are required to have a safe working environment for all staff and visitors.

Having clean, hygienic I.T and office equipment leads to a significant reduction in cross contamination from shared office spaces. It also leads to staff having fewer problems such as headaches, nausea and eye strain which are attributed to a dirty screen. This means the cost of absenteeism and sickness to your company will be greatly reduced.

Having a happy workforce is key and an extremely important factor in the success of any business, which is often overlooked in favour of more tangible improvements.


However, rest assured, a happy workforce is a productive workforce.

Staff Satisfaction

Another major important benefit you will receive from using our services, is that your computer equipment will last longer. By removing the build up of dust and dirt that is largely responsible for overheating, data corruption, malfunction and a huge amount of down time, we can help our customers to operate much more efficiently and protect their investment in I.T equipment. Something to remember is prevention is cheaper than cure.

Longer Equipment Life Span

Regular cleaning and maintenance leaves I.T and office equipment looking newer for longer and also helps in creating a much better impression when showing visitors around.


If you can see your equipment is poorly maintained, then so can your customers and visitors.

It Looks Better

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