A value for money service that keeps all your

I.T equipment clean, sanitised and hygienic.

Free from dirt, germs and bacteria.

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Why can our general office cleaners not clean our computers, I.T equipment and phones?


General cleaning staff are not trained to clean computer and I.T equipment and the products they use to clean desks can damage equipment.

We use specialist cleaners and materials to ensure that your screens, keyboards and peripheral equipment remain undamaged so you don't have to replace them.



How do I know Cetec I.T Cleaning & Hygiene will carry out a full professional clean?


We have been in the business of cleaning computers, I.T equipment, phones and peripherals for 25 years and have a proven track record. So much so, that the majority of our clients have been with us since the very beginning and you can see some of our testimonials here. We always ensure that our clients are fully happy and satisfied with the work we provide.



What type of Insurance do you have?


We have Public & Product Liability with £2m worth of cover.



What areas of the UK does Cetec I.T Cleaning & Hygiene cover?


Even though we have our base in North West Manchester, we provide full UK coverage.



Why should we keep our equipment clean?


By doing so it removes all the dust and dirt that clogs up I.T equipment reducuing costly down time.

It reduces staff Illness and absenteeism due to cross infection from dirty computers, I.T and office equipment.

It boosts staff morale and keeps your equipment in pristine condition. Staff take greater care with clean equipment, you have fewer breakdows and won't need to replace equipment as often.

You meet the requirements for Health & Safety (at Work) Act 1974.

You meet the requirements for Health, Safety and Welfare Regulation 1992.

Both your public and user image is enhanced by a clean and friendly environment.



How does having clean equipment improve our company image?


Your staff work using their computers and telephones on a daily basis. If they see that equipment is getting dustier and dirtier by the day, it will inevitably come up in conversation between them that you as the employers do not take care of, or pride in their working environment.  


It also shows to your prospective or current clients and business partners that you look after your surroundings and equipment. When a site visit happens and clients are being shown round, they pick up on cleanliness and your equipment is one of the first things they see. Your public image is everything!  



How do we get to see what we can expect? 


We will arrange a convenient time to visit your premesis and provide you will a sample computer clean so you can see the before and after results.



How often do you suggest we have our equipment cleaned?


It completely depends on your business environment. For example if you have a factory attached to your premesis, equipment will require cleaning more often. Ideally to keep equipment clean, dust and dirt free we suggest having a clean every 3 to 4 months. When we complete our site visit we will discuss our recommendations.