A value for money service that keeps all your

I.T equipment clean, sanitised and hygienic.

Free from dirt, germs and bacteria.

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More about the services we offer our clients.

General cleaning staff will clean around your equipment being careful not to touch or disturb anything, as they do not have the experience nor the relevant insurance should anything untoward happen.


This means there will be a large amount of dirt, dust and germ build up, so this is where our expertise come in...


As a company, our main business model involves the external cleaning and sanitation of your computers, I.T equipment and telephone systems to ensure they remain clean, hygienic and dirt free for as long as possible.


We arrange to visit on an ongoing regular basis at set intervals that are convienient with our clients, which are usually on either a monthly, 3 month, 4 month, 6 month or annual basis. By doing this it ensures we keep everything clean, fresh, looking good and on top of the dirt and bacteria build up so there is minimal, if any, cross contamination of germs which means that you're staff are in work longer due to reduced sickness and illness especially if they hot desk like in some offices and call centres.


It is a known fact that a happy workforce is a productive workforce!!


It also shows to your prospective or current clients and business partners that you look after your surroundings and equipment. When a site visit happens people pick up on cleanliness and your equipment is one of the first things they see.  



Please click onto the images or wording to the right for information showing how we clean each area.

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Schedule regular computer and I.T cleans

as part of your maintenance plan

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