A value for money service that keeps all your

I.T equipment clean, sanitised and hygienic.

Free from dirt, germs and bacteria.

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We brush out any dust and debris with a detail brush from any crevices including the handset.


The entire handset and base unit is then cleaned using antibacterial foam cleaner and sanitiser spray to remove any dirt, dust, makeup and ink from the unit.


The unit and it is then dried thoroughly with a lint free dry cloth.


If any curly cords are tangled and knotted they will be replaced with a new one.

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The information below shows the process we use to clean and sanitise,

your telephone systems, printers, faxes & photpcopiers.


Printers, Faxes & Photocopiers


The same procedure is used on all printers, faxes and photocopiers.


Draws are opened and all dust/debris is brushed out with a detail brush.


Drawers are then wiped with antibacterial foam cleaner and wiped again with a dry lint free cloth.


All external parts of the item are wiped down using antibacterial foam cleaner and then wiped again with a clean dry lint free cloth.


Unwanted stickers and labels are removed with our label remover spray and tool.


Lids are opened and any debris brushed out. They are then wiped with antibacterial foam on a cloth and finished with a dry lint free cloth.


Touchpads are cleaned using a soft cloth with antibacterial foam cleaner then wiped off with a dry lint free cloth.

Office Phone
Large Photocopier

Schedule regular computer and I.T cleans

as part of your maintenance plan